Print design and production, web design and development, branding and identity design, front-end code, WordPress development, marketing strategy, project management, you name it. I’ve worn about every hat. Here’s a short summary of my long career…

I have been a web-worker since 1997. I remember The Blue Dot, I remember theĀ <blink> tag, I remember the Secret Garden of Mutabor. I started my career at Bessen Tully & Lee Design in NYC as a “Creative Producer” which meant that I designed, coded and built sites, and managed the projects and client liaison too. Back in the day you wore every hat. My next Job was Acting Creative Director of the 1998 Gateway computer site. Things happened fast during the dot-com boom. Soon I was the Creative Director and one of four principals at multi-million dollar interactive agency Superset Technologies. Superset went the way of almost every other dot-com at the turn of the century. The bust allowed me time to brush up on my print skills as I worked for the amazing NYC Agency, H2O Associates. Here I learned from the best Art Director in the world, Hakarl Bee (currently the CD at Boombox Inc.) how to design and strategize a truly cross-media marketing campaign. In 2006, I moved to the western suburbs of Philadelphia to be closer to family and worked for a while at QVC where I was in charge of art direction and design for the apparel section of the QVC website. This was the first time I worked intensively with fashion photography and styling, it was an interesting sidebar, but overall the job took me too far from my love of code and development. I took a couple off years off to be a stay-at-home-mom and in January of 2011 I began freelancing from home. I’ve worked with some amazing clients during this time, Sears and Kmart, Aflac, American Express, Weight Watchers as well as several agencies and small businesses. In summer of 2011 I learned Drupal, it left me wanting more experience with CMS’s. I started using WordPress and became obsessed, I love it’s usability and amazing workflow. I taught myself how to create custom themes.


I love this industry for it’s creative opportunities and the monstrous and on-going learning curve that keeps me engaged and on my toes. My only regret is that there aren’t more hours in the day to do this stuff. View my work to see what I have done and contact me to see what I can do for you.

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