You need a design & you need code. I can do both. Here is a smattering of my recent work — you’ll find a combination of straight design, pure code and everything in between.


Fortium Corporate Site

visual design, UX design

This design was for a digital encryption company based in England, they wanted to feature their four main product offerings. I was provided with a very high level creative brief and no wireframe so the design involved quite a bit of UX strategy and design as well.


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Drips Marketing Homepage

visual design, UX design, content development

This Drip Marketing company already had a great logo and color scheme but needed help with the messaging of their site, I took a general outline and provided not only a visual design and layout, but also created a lot of the marketing copy to best support the visual strategy that I was suggesting.


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McClain Marketing Site

visual design, UX design

This client needed a better showcase for their digital marketing work. They provided a logo and a loose outline of page requirements and I created a design that updated their style while still featuring the bold colors and clean lines of their legacy branding.


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Hanna Andersson Social Media Marketing

HTML, CSS, Adaptive code, Javascript, API Integration

I was hired to create the front-end code for this large retailer. I integrated the third party social media marketing API into the front-end code using a combination of jquery, javascript, CSS and HTML. I built 2 versions of this site, one for desktop and tablet and another for mobile devices.


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visual design, UX design, CSS, HTML, PHP, Responsive, WordPress development

The client needed a site built quickly so we chose a WordPress mega theme that I installed, styled and published all the content to. When the client needed more functionality than the theme shipped with I opened up the hood and used PHP, HTML and CSS to create custom templates that drastically extended the functionality of the theme.


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Weight Watchers Website

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Responsive Code, foundation framework, github, Magnolia CMS integration, cross platform/device testing.

This project was pure front-end code for me. The designs came from the client’s agency. My job was to build the pages to exact design specifications across 3 breakpoints using the Foundation Responsive Framework. I had to create the code to be scalable and compliant to the CMS functional specifications. That required working very closely with the back-end coders to stratagize implementation and deployment. The testing requirements were very rigorous and took up almost half of overall development time.


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